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When to Call a Home Roofer

When to Call a Home Roofer

Your roof is vital to the health of your home. You have some concerns about your roof and you’re wondering what to do. Your top question is – when should I call a home roofer? 21st Century Painting and Roofing is happy to provide some tips for when you should call a home roofer for your roofing needs.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

You have been up on the roof or even checking your gutters and you see evidence of broken or missing shingles. This is a strong indicator that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Even, buckling, curling and blistering shingles are bad. These problems will leave your interior roof exposed to the elements which could, in turn, leave you and your family eventually exposed to the elements. You don’t want to wait that long, do you? The National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) has a Roof Checkup Guide for Homeowners that can serve as a guide.

Water Stains on Roof Deck

The way to determine this is to go into the unfinished portion of your home’s attic. There, you’ll be able to take a good look at the underside of the roof decking. If you happen to see any signs that there are water stains such as wetness or molding, this indicates that a roof leak has begun to allow water to run underneath the shingles.

Damage to Your Roof

If there was a severe storm recently, specifically hail, then it might be time to call a home roofer for an inspection of your roof. Extreme rain or even heavy wind can cause damage to your roof that needs to be repaired immediately. Look for some of the following signs to determine if there has been damage to your roof:

  • Missing shingles
  • Missing granules on your shingles
  • Damaged Soffits
  • Damaged Gutters or downspouts

In this case, your roofer should be able to provide an inexpensive spot repair. If you ignore it, you may need a much more expensive and invasive roof repair down the line.

Moss-Covered Roof

If you have moss on your roof, that’s a strong indicator that your shingles are deteriorating. Moss roots overtake shingles and cause a breakdown in the shingle’s material. The moss can even get in between shingles and can cause them to loosen. This makes shingles more likely to be blown away by the wind.

Loose or Clogged Gutters

Gutters are critical to your roof and home. They keep water away from both locations. When they leak or clog up, they can’t perform this most critical function. An experienced home roofer can repair gutters and keep them from having water build up on your roof, which will inevitably cause damage to your roof.

Regular Inspections

Many experts agree that you should call a professional home roofer once or twice a year to inspect your roof. They suggest during the spring and fall season before the extreme weather of summer and winter hits. Sure, you might be able to do this on your own, but a professional can spot tell-tale signs of damage more quickly and readily. He or she will also have the equipment to get up on the roof better and faster than you can.

Installation of a New Roof

It’s not wise to try and round up some friends or DIYers to get this job done yourself. A professional is most assuredly needed to make sure that your roof is fixed properly. You may think that this will save you money. Initially, it can, but not in the long run. In fact, a poorly fixed roof may require more work than one you didn’t touch at all. Trained and certified roofers like those at 21st Century Painting and Roofing will have knowledge about local building codes regulating roofing installation. They’ll also have the expertise and know-how to get it done. Basically, you should call a home roofer whenever you suspect that you have roof damage. The sooner you call someone, the better for your roof and your pocketbook.

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  • Gregory Willard

    I have never had to call a roofer in my life, but I never really know when the best time is. I had no idea that you should call if your gutters are loose or clogged. I always thought that you could fix that yourself and that it would be easier. I will have to remember that for the future.

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