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How to Use the Tools on the James Hardie Website to Pick Your Best Color and Design

How to Use the Tools on the James Hardie Website to Pick Your Best Color and Design

As a home ages, its façade begins to look and feel dated. Remember – the outside of your home is where people get their first impression of your home. It should look good. James Hardie fiber cement siding will make sure that it does. In this article, we’ll go over how to pick your best color and design with James Hardie Siding.

James Hardie has a color and design tool that you can use to pick the right color and design for your James Hardie siding. It asks for your zip code so that it will choose the right materials for your climate. The color wheel is divided into 12 sections. It’s a great tool for knowing the most effective and frequently used color harmonies. Analogous colors are next to each other on the wheel. They work together when you want to create a calm, serene color scheme.

Complementary colors are on the opposite side of the color wheel. They involve two colors like red and green, for example. Combined, they generate the most contrast. You can create a triad by using three colors – the two on each side of the color you pick. This results in a three-color combination with low contrast.  James Hardie siding prefers that you pick one color to take the lead while the others play a supporting role.

If you’re afraid of making a color mistake, you can use the James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology color palette. It will help show you colors that work well together and colors that don’t. James Hardie siding has something for everyone so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Need siding installation or repair in Austin?

James Hardie also has a variety of textures, profiles and widths that give you a slew of choices to decide what’s best for your home and your design aesthetic. James Hardie invented fiber cement. Their gold, climate-tested primer ensures more consistent, long-lasting paint adhesion. The technology resists fading and leaves a lasting impression.

When you go to the James Hardie website or use a James Hardie vendor like 21st Century Painting & Roofing Professionals, you know you’ll get a beautiful look for your home. You can’t go wrong with James Hardie fiber cement siding. Give us a call at 512-219-0342 for more information.