Special Considerations for a Commercial Painting Job

Special Considerations for a Commercial Painting Job

Commercial painting jobs are very different from residential painting jobs. We, at 21st Century, can do both. We are professional commercial painters In this article, we’ll discuss some special considerations for a commercial painting contractor so that you can decide when and how you want to paint your place of business.

Good professional commercial painters will consider the needs of the customer first. They will want to know the scope of the project, for example. The commercial painting job will probably be larger than your average interior job, so your professional commercial painters will have to consider using a crew with a supervisor to oversee the project. Make sure that your commercial painting services are insured and licensed for your protection and theirs.

Professional commercial painters will get you a cost effective paint that is also durable. Make sure you let them know what your budget is so they know what to look for. The paint also has to be able to withstand multiple washings to reduce the cost of maintenance for their customers, who will probably clean their surfaces more often than residences. It is essential that your commercial painting company chooses a specific paint appropriate to the task. For example, if your building has a lot of moisture, the paint should be able to withstand that.

Commercial painting services also must not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the business. This may mean painting during off-hours or working super-quickly.  The ideal paint for this type of business is fast-drying. It also must emit a low level of volatile organic compounds. You need to also consider if the business has outdoor areas. You may need to touch up bars and things like that too.

As you can see, businesses have special considerations when they’re being commercially painted. For the fit to be successful, the owner and the commercial painting contractor should have a good working relationship and an even better contract. Know what you want from your commercial painting services before you hire them so you can be clear and honest about what you need.

We, at 21st Century, invite you to consider us for your next commercial painting job. We will work hard to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck! Call us today at 512-219-0342 for more information.

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