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Roof Repair – Knowing When to Repair and When to Replace

Roof Repair – Knowing When to Repair and When to Replace

One of the most difficult things to know about roofs is when to repair or when to replace them. Roof repair can often take care of the issue; but, there are some times when it’s worth it to just go ahead and replace the entire roof instead. In this article, we’ll help you differentiate when it’s time to repair or time to replace. Hopefully, our tips will provide you with some insight as to what to do with your roof and when to do it.

There are certain roof problems that can be fixed with repairs. These include:

You have one leak on your new roof – Got a damp, but localized, area on your ceiling? Relax. It’s not time to panic, but it is time to investigate. Check out your attic or crawlspace. Look to see if there are other signs of damage. Does the leak appear to come from a localized spot on your roof? If so, you’re in luck. A roof repair can fix this. Single leaks are usually caused by problems with unsealed areas or damage to the roof. You need to find the leak and get it fixed. This can take care of this problem. If your roof is fairly old, however, note that this could be the beginning of more serious problems. If those do occur, a replacement may be in order.

You have storm damage – When your roof shingles are wind damaged, it’s not usually an indicator of a widespread roofing problem. It’s usually pretty localized. You should assess the damage when the storm is over. The roofing repair usually just requires replacing a few shingles and patching up spots that were damaged by objects that fell during the storm.

There’s a problem that occurs in only one area of the roof – Moisture could be leaking into a corner. This can be caused by a faulty rafter or beam. You should just replace what’s problematic provided that you know it’s localized.

As you can see, roof repair is usually meant for small, local problems. When you have bigger problems with your roof, it’s probably wiser – and definitely more cost effective in the long run – to replace the entire roof. Some of the reasons you’d want to replace your roof are:

You have moss or other moisture-based plant growth on your roof – Moss and lichen on your roof signify a serious problem. These plants do need moisture in order to survive so your roof must be seriously damaged. If your roof has a good deal of moss, just replace it.

Your shingles are worn out or broken – shingles and all other roofing materials are not meant to last forever. If your shingles have faded, cracked, curled or fallen apart, they have been on the roof too long. Replacing the roof in this case could be more cost effective in the long run than just replacing the offending shingles.

There’s cracking or rusting around your flashing – “Flashing, according to Wikipedia refers to thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint.” If there’s a problem with your flashing or any visible metal items, then it’s time to replace the roof. If they’re cracking or rusting, your roof should be replaced to prevent leaks from taking over, creating more serious problems.

You have long-term moisture problems – A long-term leak causes structural damage. There’s also rotting, mold, pest problems and so forth. Leaks that have been around for a long time tend to cause problems in other parts of the roof and it is wise to replace the entire thing than to just fix the area of the leak.

If you have questions on whether your roof needs a repair or a replacement, it’s best to call us, 21st Century Painting & Roofing. We have experience in all things roof-related. We can be reached at 512-219-0342. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can help get your roof repaired or replaced.

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  • Gregory Willard

    I have no idea when to replace my roof or repair it. I had no idea that you should replace your roof if you have moss or lichen growing. I have actually never seen a roof with them growing, but I understand why you should replace your roof in that situation. Thanks for the tips.

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