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How to Mix Home Siding for Optimal Effect

How to Mix Home Siding for Optimal Effect

Instead of looking for a new ‘dream home’, people are staying put these days and trying to turn the one they’ve got into the show place of their fantasies. As a result, it’s gotten more and more common for folks to mix home siding on their exteriors. In this article, we’ll explore how to mix home siding for optimal effect. We hope you find some tips and tricks that you can use on your own home.

Make an impactful entrance

Use more expensive siding materials around the front doorway. This enhances not only the aesthetic of the home but also gives your curb appeal the optimum rating it can get.

Use higher-priced siding in outdoor areas

Do you have any areas where you like to hang out outside? Use the big buck siding there so you can have the prettiest siding in the areas where you stay outside the most. For example, use a real stone or brick feature wall on your deck area. You can also coordinate colors and styles of fencing and decking to make a more impactful design statement.

Go for a rustic look

Manufacturers have now created a rustic shaker shingle with PVC. It’s much cheaper and more durable than the wood it was previously built in. As a result, more homeowners are considering alternating home siding.

Dark hues are in

Darker-colored siding used to fade in the weather. However, today’s darker colors can withstand sun and wind. They keep their color and enhance the siding’s performance value. As a result, homeowners can now mix lighter color siding with darker colors. This creates quite the stylish look.

Emphasize your accessories

If you have a limited budget, that’s fine. Just put your money towards accessories that add a unique look. For example, choose siding accessories with a wood grain or in a complementary color. Adding trim to your home in a different color than the siding will give it dimension and create interest.

If you want to mix and match your siding, 21st Century Painting and Roofing can help you mix your home siding for optimal effect. We do siding repairs and replacements and consider ourselves experts at it. Give us a call today at 512-219-0342 for more information.