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How to Handle Roof Hail Damage

A storm hits. Your roof has hail damage. How do you know? Well, for one thing you have small dents on rain gutters or air conditioning units. There could be missing or bent shingles from hail damage. Maybe you notice some moist areas on your ceiling. Whatever it is, you know your roof has damage and you need to check your insurance company before calling your insurance company. Locate and read your Homeowner’s Declaration pages regarding coverage especially the replacement coverage parts. Your insurance company is the only one who can approve the payment of these damages.

Then, call your insurance company and have them send an insurance adjuster out to check out your roof. If you can manage it, contact a roofing company like us, 21st Century Painting & Roofing, to come out and inspect your roof so you have a second opinion. The roofer should provide you with an estimate to repair the roof and the damage free of charge. They should also be willing to back that up by talking with the insurance adjuster. If the adjuster and roofer can agree on how to fix the damage, this can expedite the entire process and your roofer will most likely be awarded the job.

Make sure you get it in writing. Sometimes the insurance company will pay the roofer directly. Ensure that the roofer will accept their check for the totality of the damage and not try to charge you over and above the cost. Better yet, see if the insurance company will make the check out to you and then you can pay the contractor directly. Get a written contract so the total doesn’t change. Remember, your insurance adjuster is the only one who can approve the claim so you need them to sign off on this before you have any repair work done.

Handling a roof with hail damage isn’t easy, but you’ve got to do it the right way for your own protection as well as that of your home. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 512-219-0342. We’re more than happy to help.