Roof Hail Damage in Austin

Here in Texas, we don’t have very much hail.  Because of this, many homeowners let their guard down when it come to their home’s roofing.  The best defense against roof-damaging hail is having a strong, high-quality roof to begin with.  You never know when the next heaping helping of hail is heading our way.

The Right Roofing Company for Hail Damage

When a hail storm comes through, you have to be positive you get the right roofing company out there. 21st Century Texas has countless years of experience dealing with roof hail damage in the Austin and Central Texas region. Contact our experienced professionals to get started with fixing or inspecting your roof damage.

A hail storm can truly wreak havoc on your roof, gutters, and more. If you have metal roofing, there is hail damagea chance that the damage will be extra harmful.  The hail damage doesn’t stop there. When these chunks of ice come shooting down from the skies, many important aspects of your home are in danger. If a pipe or gutter is hit, you’ve got a potential problem. Because you’ll also likely be dealing with lots of incoming water at the time, this broken gutter might begin to cause water damage to parts of your home that are not ready for such a high amount of liquid.

Check for Roof Hail Damage

Getting your roof hail damage checked out after a hail storm is really a two-part process.  Obviously, the roof itself needs repair and a professional examination but then the surrounding areas need a lookover.  Some rusting may begin if aspects of your house have been damaged which leads to wayward water leaks.  Getting a roofing pro out there quickly is always the best thing to do.  All too often people will wait until the damage from this nasty weather starts to show up in an extreme manner.  It’s better when you’re a preemptive, think-ahead type of homeowner.

Hail Damage Roof Installation for Repairs

If you are insured, contact your insurance company to get them to approve a local contractor’s work.  Always make sure the contractor you choose has an Austin-based location.  Too many out-of-town workers pop in directly after a hail storm, collect your paycheck and then speed out of town.  When you need additional work or if you’ve found their work to be unsatisfactory, they’re not even picking up the phone.

We’re located right here in town and would love to work on your Austin roofing needs. You can request an estimate through the website or by giving us a call at 512.219.0342.

Thanks for checking out our blog today.  If you’ve dealt with hail in the past, we’d be interested in hearing how you coped with the situation.  Sound off on our Facebook page!