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10 Popular Roofing Styles

10 Popular Roofing Styles

A roof is a very special part of your home. When deciding on building or purchasing a new home, you might want to consider what type of roof you’d need or just like. There are many different roofing styles. In this article, we’ll focus on 10 popular roofing styles. Hopefully, you can find one you like.

1)      Flat – A flat roof is the easiest type of roof to build. It also takes the least amount of roofing material to build so it’s a cheaper option. However, a flat roof is not for everyone. It doesn’t drain very well and can’t hold up to a lot of precipitation. However, if you want a nice terrace or garden on your roof, flat may be the way to go.

2)      Shed – This type of roof is also known as skillion. It consists of a single, slanted plane. It’s high on one side and low on the other. You get better drainage with a skillion roof than with a flat roof. However, it will leave you with odd-shaped rooms underneath.

3)      Gable – A gable, or pitched, roof contains two sides that slope down from a central ridge. They look like triangles. They’re easy to build and suitable for any climate. They can be vented as well. Gabled roofs don’t collect precipitation or debris like fallen leaves. A gable roof allows for space for an attic. They’re great for insulation purposes.

4)      Hipped – A hipped roof has two long sides and two shorter sides slanting down from a ridge in the middle. Their eaves might overhang the property. They can, therefore, provide shade from very sunny windows and shield the entrance. They’ll also protect siding from rain. Hipped roofs have high quality wind resistance. It’s ideal for warm climates where there are frequent rain storms.

5)      Pyramid roof – Similar in style to a hipped roof, except the end comes at a sharp point to look like a pyramid. This type of roof is usually used on small portions of the home or smaller structures like the garage or a pool house.

6)      Mansard – A mansard roof is another variant on the hipped roof. This one has four sides. There are two slopes to this type of roof, with a lower slope that is much steeper than the upper. It usually contains windows. Mansard roofs maximize your living space, allowing for an additional story underneath it.

7)      Gambrel – A gambrel roof resembles a mansard roof in some ways. It’s different in that it has vertical gable ends and the roof hangs over the façade of the home. The mansard roof doesn’t.

8)      Bonnet – A bonnet roof is a pyramid-style roof that is modified to offer more shade to your home’s outdoor area. Two of its sides will change pitch part of the way down. They’ll go from a steep slope to a gentler one and stretch out to form large eaves.

9)      Arched – An arched, or curved roof, is a very striking architectural feature. It can be used to cover your whole house or just the most visible portion. Arched roofs provide good drainage. They’re usually made of steel and are very strong.

10)   Domed – a domed roof is very stunning. It’s adds a great finishing touch to a luxurious property. It’s costly to construct, however, and should only be used if you have the money to do it. It resembles the upper half of a sphere.

There you have it – 10 popular roofing styles. No matter which type you pick for your new home, you’ll find great benefits and some drawbacks. No roof is perfect, but you can choose the one that’s best for you.

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